QDRO Professionals, LLC

Steps in the QDRO Process

QDRO Professionals, LLC offers an all-inclusive QDRO service for a low flat-fee. Unlike most other QDRO drafting companies, QDRO Professionals seamlessly takes care of every step in the QDRO process from initial contact with the Plan Administrator to final approval of the certified QDRO.  Most other QDRO companies end their service once the QDRO draft is complete. Not QDRO Professionals!  We go even further by presenting your QDRO to the judge for filing and certification, and then we submit the certified QDRO to the Plan Administrator for final approval.

What are the steps in the QDRO process?

1.  CONTACT: Contact QDRO Professionals and send in all intake paperwork (Final Order and Agreement, Intake Form, Fee Agreement) and payment. QDRO Professionals will open your file upon receipt of all required documents and payment in full.

2.  DRAFT: If you are unable to provide plan specific documents (Summary Plan Description, Written QDRO Procedures, Models) we will contact the Plan Administrator on your behalf to retrieve this information. *Please note that the more you provide us the quicker we can process. We will review the plan specific requirements and draft the QDRO.  Each order is drafted specifically for your particular circumstances.

3.  PRE-APPROVAL: Once the draft is complete, we will submit the QDRO to the Plan Administrator for pre-approval. *Please note that some plans (including but not limited to: military and federal civil service plans) do not review drafts for pre-approval.

4.  REVISION: The Plan Administrator may request suggested amendments be made to the QDRO to meet pre-approval status, and we will work with the Plan, the parties, and the attorneys to make those amendments while still accomplishing the goal of the Order.

5.  SIGNATURE BY PARTIES: Once we have received pre-approval from the Plan Administrator, we will send the QDRO to the parties for signature.

6.  FILING WITH COURT: After receiving both parties' original signed copy, we will submit the QDRO to the judge for filing.

7.  FINAL APPROVAL: After receiving the certified QDRO from the judge, we will resubmit the certified QDRO to the Plan Administrator for final approval.

8.  FILE CLOSURE: Once we receive confirmation from the Plan Administrator or the parties that the QDRO was accepted for final approval, we will close your file.