QDRO Professionals, LLC

Efficient, Affordable, All-Inclusive QDRO Service

Efficient, Affordable, All-Inclusive QDRO Service

Efficient, Affordable, All-Inclusive QDRO ServiceEfficient, Affordable, All-Inclusive QDRO ServiceEfficient, Affordable, All-Inclusive QDRO Service

What is a QDRO?


A Qualified Domestic Relations Order ("QDRO") is a court order that is required after a separation or divorce to effectuate a tax-free, penalty-free transfer of retirement assets from one party to another.  If you are getting divorced and your husband or wife has retirement funds that were accrued during the marriage, those assets are deemed marital property and subject to division upon separation or divorce. We have experienced lawyers who can help with QDROs.

Why Choose QDRO Professionals?


Unlike most QDRO companies, QDRO Professionals handles every step in the QDRO process for a low flat-fee. QDRO Professionals will draft the QDRO, communicate with the Plan for pre-approval, send the QDRO to each party for review and signature, submit the QDRO to the Judge for filing, and then send the certified QDRO to the Plan for final approval. 

QDRO Professionals takes the headache away from you having to communicate back and forth with the Court and the Plan. 

Drafting QDROs requires a comprehensive understanding of applicable federal laws, state laws, and plan procedures.  This is a challenging task that should be handled by an experienced attorney/lawyer. QDROs are a very important step in divorce.

About Us


QDRO Professionals offers an efficient, all-inclusive service drafting and submitting Qualified Domestic Relations Orders ("QDROs").  

QDRO Professionals does not use fill-in-the-blank forms. We craft every QDRO in accordance with your specific Court Order or Agreement and the Plan specific guidelines. This is not a one size fits all process. It is very important to hire an experienced attorney/lawyer to draft your QDRO so that you do not lose out on valuable assets in your divorce.

Forms and Downloads

QDRO Intake Form (pdf)


QDRO Fee Agreement (pdf)


Steps in the QDRO Process (pdf)


Military Intake Form (pdf)


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